IT Consultation

Designed to Meet Your Needs at an Affordable Price

Benefits of bringing in a reputable IT consulting firm like us:

  • Gain time to focus on core business functions
  • Access to highly specialized talent
  • Reduce downtime
  • Get a technology edge over your competitors
  • Increase productivity through smart use of technology

We assess your IT infrastructure and generate a report outlining possible upgrades and changes that will benefit the productivity of your business.  Afterward, we can perform any system changes desired from the report.  We can also help manage your existing infrastructure.  Consultation will address the following items:

  • Analysis of office processes and procedures to determine business optimization strategies
  • Review of hardware configuration and associated software installation
  • Storage capacity and capabilities of network components
  • Review of security procedures
  • Plan an overall maintenance process for the PCs (clean up Temp Files, Cookies, Adware, Spyware) to improve speed and efficiency
  • printer networking
  • file server administration
  • backup system testing

Rates: $40.00 per hour
Report: $50.00

Hardware/Software Installation

New Hardware Installation Rate:   Cost of part plus hourly rate
Software Installation Rate:   Varies upon request

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